Protocol 1 - Roswell:
On july 4th 1947, a strange aircraft had crashed in the desert of New Mexico, America. The area was contained at once by government
agents. What it actually was has yet to be proven conclusively, for now conjecture has become fact, and rumor has become history.
Protocol 2 - MJ-12:
In 1984 an envolpe arrived at the home of TV producer Jaime Shandera.
The envelope from an anonymous source contained a roll of undeveloped film. The film contained what is known as the MJ-12 document.
Roscoe Hillenkoetter, head of the CIA at the time of the Roswell Incicent, was at the top of the list of 12 members. It stated that
these men concluded a secret treaty with extraterrestrials as a special organization answerable only to the president. It is now
accepted that President Truman's signature on the document was in fact copied carefully from another document.

Named as a memeber of MJ-12 was Vannevar Bush, head of MIT's Department of Electrical Engineering.
Protocol 3 - Memex:
The MEMEX memory expansion concept, unvelied by Vannevar Bush in 1945, was a memory system whereby information which was recorded on
microfilm was projected onto a translucent screen. What he envisioned was the compression and rapid access of information.
Even before the advent of computers Vannavar Bush had already created the basis for our current multimedia, while he led the
Manhattan Project atom bomb experiments.
Protocol 4 - Dolphins:
Conducting sensory deprivation experiments using Native American nacrcotics and isolation tanks to probe the human unconcious,
John C. Lilly believed his experiments connected him to cosmic entities, by way of a communication network. Lilly dubbed the beings
that guided him "E.C.C.O." - the Earth Coincidence Control Office. Afterwards, Lilly began work on communication with dolphins.
Dolphins are beigns which are able to conduct wide-range networking in the water via ultrasonic waves.
Protocol 5 - Xanadu (You are here):
Ted Nelson, who studied under the two cult pioneers Vannevar Bush and John C. Lilly, proposed a giant electionic library in
sattelites in stationary orbit which could be used at any terminal on Earth via radio or phone lines. He called this concept that
would make this database "Xanadu". The Mongolian utopia where all written cultures would never be lost. This was Xanadu. It was the
concept of Hypertext that would make it real, and Ted Nelson's name would go down in history as its originator.
Protocol 6 - Schuman:
The Earth has its own specific electomagnetic waves. Between this ionosphere and the Earth's surface, there is a constant resonance
at a frequency of 8Hz in the ELF band. This is called the Schumann Resonance. The extent of the effect on humans of these
"Earth Brain Waves" that the planet constantly gives off remains unknown.

The Earth's human population is approaching the number of neurons in the brain. Douglas Rushkoff proposes that the consciousness of
the Earth itself might be awakened when all humans on Earth become collectively networked. The network's evolution would follow a
neural model, and just as nurons within the human brain are connected by synapses, the earth itself would become a neural network.